Bomber Wasp

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Element6 Technologies
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Nov 29, 2023
Jan 8, 2024
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Hornet army attack!

Jacob the Ladybug accidentally disturbed the hornet queen's much-needed beauty sleep. Now she commands her army to seek revenge. It's your job to help Jacob evade countless waves of hornets falling from the sky and collect special items.

How long can you survive under the Queen's hornet wrath and her army?
• Explore different environmental backgrounds.
• Run and dodge through waves of various hornet armies.
• Collect energy to unleash your ultimate ability.
• Use resources to upgrade your character.
• Conquer the chaos and test your reflexes.

Have you ever considered the idea of Jacob having a companion? 🤔 In the upcoming update, you'll no longer feel lonely anymore. Loyal bug pets 🐞 will be by your side, ready to accompany and safeguard you no matter what. Confront the Bee army with a strong mini-bug or discover a variety of other pets within the game! 🎮

And should the battlefield be expanded? Absolutely, we had a plan for that. All these features will be part of our next update.

We are committed to consistently introducing new features to keep you engaged and ensure that Jacob's adventure remains the most extraordinary. 🚀 So why wait? Dive into this chaotic battle with thrilling, action-packed, and enjoyable gameplay! 😄

What's new?
• Explore new locations, encounter fresh enemies, and befriend new bug pets. 🗺️🐜
• Utilize boosters for assistance when needed. ⚡
• Enjoy a dynamic blend of fun and exploration. 🕹️
• Immerse yourself in beautiful and stunning graphics for amazing visuals. 🌈
• Stay alert for attractive promotions and events! 🎁
• Connect to Facebook and challenge your friends. 👫

Please be aware that Bomber Wasp is entirely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Either way, it's tons of fun! 😊

What's new

Android TV support