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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK is an action game, which only through some elements is a classical RPG. It’s a story known to every fan of Goku, so the plot shouldn’t be a secret to anyone.

We start our adventure along with the first chapters/ episodes of Dragon Ball Z, so a few years on after the Goku and Piccolo battle. Our childhood protagonist is now a father to his long-awaited offspring, who he’s going to introduce to his friends. Meanwhile, Raditz, the representative of the Sayian race arrives on Earth. An unpredictable swirl of events turns up for good, other mighty enemies appear, and Goku and other fighters constantly progress.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot represents all well known events, from the first battle with Vagete through the fight with Frieza, the clash with cyborgs and Cell, as far as to the battle with the unconquered Buu. The whole story covers over 20 hours, thus a lot fun awaits.

Unfortunately, bringing up the aspect of the feature plot, I have to criticise the developers for it. Although some memorable scenes genuinely reflected manga (e.g. the last battle with Cell), yet many key moments, which have been memorised by all fans of Dragon Ball, are totally omitted. One of the examples can be the Final Flash attack performed by Vegeta, which is completely ignored. Can you remember almost classic “It’s over 9000*!”? It’s not there either (*actually it should be 8000).

The plus is the ability to control the wide range of different characters. We’re not limited to Goku only. Depending on the moment, at our disposal are such fighters as Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and even Krillin. Each fighter has his own experience points, own level and own fight techniques. One constant unchangeable element is our equipment, such as healing capsules or food slices.


Before moving on to the gameplay, I’d like to mention the aspect of the world map. The map is quite large and divided into many regions. Its next bits keep revealing along with the plot. Of course, when going to Namek, we’ll be taken to a completely different land – In fact, it’s another planet. Unfortunately you can’t move freely through the world. Each region has the invisible border, which once crossed will get us kicked out to the general view of the world map or different region (it’s not often, e.g. near to Karin)

The world map consists of training spots (training grounds), where we can learn new techniques. Moreover, in the slow mode (in between the feature missions), we can perform various side tasks, which however provide very few special points, so in fact you can skip them – we’ll gain more by performing feature missions. Our characters can also fish, hunt for animals. If you don’t find it any exciting, here’s the bad news – several times you’ll have to hunt for animals, fish or find a few pieces of fruits, and all in the feature mode. Really, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK features campaign missions, which force us to perform completely irrelevant tasks. I found it very irritating during my gameplay. I should also mention the enemy’s robots, which inhabit every region of the world and instantly get in our way. Such a thing of random battles was an interesting aspect in the first hours of the gameplay, but after 10 or 15 hours it got tedious.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK Mechanics

One can’t forget the interesting mechanics, that is the collection of dragon balls. After collecting them, we can use one of the available wishes, e.g. revive a deceased enemy in order to fight against him again, or gain an enormous number of points which we then use for the development of our character.

And talking about development, the skills tree in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is really powerful. What’s more, each character has its own set of skills, thus we have to spend a great amount of time to develop each protagonist. Some skills are feature or level limited. It would be odd for Goku at the stage of events on Namek to be able to achieve SSJ3.


Since Super Sayinin is mentioned, it’s high time to talk about the mechanics of gameplay, which is outstanding. The makers of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series have once more proved that they perfectly know how the gamers play and how the characters should move. Flying and moving in the air is very convenient, and approaching your enemies that way, dodging attacks and attacking is not challenging on the pad.

Fights are, in fact, spectacular and demanding. In.fact, the fights with the more powerful opponents require more skills from us. During my gameplay, numerous times I was completely confused about what was happening on the screen, but I really had fun with it. Most of the fights are one-on-one, but there’re also team battles – it all depends on the feature events. When we take part in a team battle, we can command our associates to perform super attacks or perform super power attacks all together. You’ll find out more during your own gameplay.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Android Graphics

In terms of graphics and music, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot ios raises the bar high up for its successors. The soundtrack contains all classical songs present in the anime series of Dragon Ball Z (in Japanese version that is). The music turns to more solemn during the fights, and picks up on a gentle and jouful tone during the exploration.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Android looks really good. I wonder if games can even get any closer to anime. This game – especially in cut scenes – looks almost like a genuine anime version. One can feel as if watching Dragon Ball Z.

All characters are dubbed (in Japanese or English to choose from), but it’s only for the feature missions. Performing side tasks, we’ll see a gentle mouth movements and subtitles, with no dubbing.

You may be asking yourself this question – since this game looks like anime, why play it? We all know the events, anyway. Well, I was of the same opinion, but it turned out, that I had watched Dragon Ball Z so long time ago (numerous times, but long time ago), that I really enjoyed following the events on Namek, or Cell’s tournament. In addition, the ability to take part in those events was very appealing. Battle here, battle there, and all those complemented by dialogues and the narrator’s monologue.


Consider the fact that this game is a longplay. I’ve mentioned that the main plot is over 20 hours and it’s true. The observation of the progress of the known characters is something incredible. The small and awkward Gohan slowly transforms into a great fighter. That was something. I feel the great satisfaction to have reached for this game.

Lastly, I’d also like to mention the Community System, namely the special schemes where we can assign labels to the particular protagonists. The right deployment of fighters can result in the development of such statistics as the power of attack, the health level, the probability of a critical attack.

Talking about the health (and power) level, in the beginning I thought that the healing capsule for 10 thousand points is something big. I laughed to myself, when my brave fighters began to exceed the number of 2 million health points, and every attack consumed over 20 thousand injuries.

It’s the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK + OBB game the fans of Dragon Ball waited for?

I shall end my review because it can be writen much more on the subject of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK Download, but it’s best to check for yourself. Do it, and you won’t be disappointed. This is a game, the fans of Dragon Ball have been waiting for.


  • Graphics resembling anime
  • Classical music from Dragon Ball Z
  • Ability to play many different characters
  • Interestingly led development and power increase of characters
  • The whole feature plot from Dragon Ball Z
  • Quite large map divided into regions


  • No possibility to freely move from one region to another
  • Some legendary moments are missing
  • Too many enemies on the world map
  • Irrelevant side missions
  • Forcing the player to participate in several side missions


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot apk + OBB is an action game with the elements of RPG, which contains the full plot of the anime series of Dragon Ball Z. The possibility of playing many characters and taking part in legendary events make it an unforgettable experience. All is complemented by the great graphics imitating anime, the music taken out from the DBZ series, and very dynamic as well as epic battles. The game has its own flaws which, however, can’t overshadow the fact how great this game is – in particular for the fans of Dragon Ball.