Hill Climb Racing APK Mod (Unlimited Coins)

Hill Climb Racing APK Mod, made by a game development company Fingersoft situated in Finland. It is an entertainment bound racing game. This is what makes it more like a strategy because you need to select the right type of vehicle and track to win the race.

The game is very fun and easy. You are given just two basic controls: gas and brake. You will be using those two on-screen buttons to control the vehicle as well as perform special stunts (like back flips and long airtime) while racing to gain some extra coins. You also need to collect coins that are spread out on the track.

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The most important goal of the game is to maintain efficiency of your car in terms of gas and car condition.

Hill Climb Racing APK Mod

  • Tracks and Levels – To prevent boredom, there are more than twenty different stages and each one of them has unique levels. Some of the tracks include Arctic, Moon, Countryside, Desert.
  • The Garage Mode –This feature allows you to use custom parts to build the vehicle of your dreams and break your own records.
  • Vehicles – There is a wide array of vehicles including jeep, bike, hippie van, monster truck, quad bike, race car, snowmobile, and twenty more. You need to earn coins to be able to buy these vehicles.
  • Upgrades – Each vehicle has their own unique upgrades and tuneable parts including suspension, four wheel drive, engine, and tires. If you want to reach greater distance then you must need to upgrade your vehicle.
  • Share Score With Friends – You can quickly share your high scores with your friends from within the app to make the game more challenging.
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