Lifeform Zero APK – 零號生命體 APK

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Jhaokai Wu
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A Celestial Intrigue Unfolds

In the vast expanse of the universe, a small meteorite has descended upon Earth. However, this is no ordinary space rock; it’s an Lifeform Zero APK from the far reaches of the cosmos. The state, recognizing the potential hazard within this extraterrestrial egg, takes swift action, transporting it to the clandestine SCR center.

Condemned Redemption: A Prisoner’s Dilemma

Enter the player, cast in the role of a condemned prisoner. In a bid for a chance at freedom from the looming death penalty, they accept an offer to join the SCR staff. Tasked with aiding in the research and cultivation of the enigmatic egg, the player unwittingly becomes a key figure in a tale of sinking and destruction, all stemming from this cosmic anomaly.

Nurturing the Cosmic Palace

Lifeform Zero APK invites players into the unique experience of raising a cosmic palace. Clicking through the interface allows them to monitor the cosmic palace’s status, akin to caring for a celestial being. The gameplay is centered around cultivating a cosmic watchtower, a task that proves to be more complex than it first appears.

Lifeform Zero APK – Days, Values, and Bad Ends

As the Lifeform Zero APK days pass, critical values associated with the cosmic palace start dwindling. A precarious balance must be maintained, for if these values drop too low, the player faces a grim and undesired conclusion. The choice is clear – players must decide on actions like feeding, cleaning, and interactions to improve the cosmic entity’s needs, ensuring its well-being and the player’s progression.

Unraveling the Narrative: From Sorrow to Eros

Gradually pulling up the cosmic entity’s well-being unlocks not only the progression of the story but also an unexpected twist. The Lifeform Zero seamlessly introduces an erotic mechanism, adding a layer of complexity to the player’s journey. Choices made in nurturing the cosmic palace influence the unfolding narrative, creating a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.


In the cosmic odyssey that is this game, players find themselves at the crossroads of redemption, mystery, and sensuality. The cosmic palace, a celestial enigma, beckons players to unravel its secrets and confront the challenges that lie ahead. Will you, as the condemned prisoner turned cosmic caretaker, steer the course towards salvation, or succumb to the abyss of cosmic destruction? The cosmic watchtower awaits, and the choices you make will echo through the cosmos, shaping the destiny of both prisoner and celestial entity alike. The cosmic journey beckons, and the adventure unfolds in ways you could never anticipate.