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The Exit 8 Anomaly Guide – Navigating the Psychological Horror

Venture into the unsettling world of The Exit 8 APK a psychological horror game where players must navigate through various anomalies to escape the eerie subway hallway. This guide provides a comprehensive list of all 30 anomalies scattered throughout the game, crucial for unlocking the ‘Residents of Underground Passage’ achievement.

Anomalies on the Man:

Encounter different anomalies related to the Man walking in the hallway:

  1. Smiling
  2. Looks at you
  3. Walks faster than usual
  4. Taller than you
  5. Broken Face

Anomalies on the Floor:

Discover anomalies found on the floor:

  1. Face on the Yellow Tiles
  2. Extra Yellow Tiles

Anomalies on the Ceiling:

Uncover anomalies found on the ceiling:

  1. Face on the ceiling
  2. ‘Turn back’ sign on the backside of the white sign
  3. Upside Down signs
  4. Disoriented Lights
  5. Flickering Lights
  6. Lights Off
  7. Active Camera

Anomalies on the The Exit 8 APK Left Wall:

Identify anomalies found on the left wall of the hallway:

  1. Eyes poster looking left or right
  2. Eyes poster follows you to the left or right side
  3. Drawn poster
  4. Change poster
  5. Identical posters
  6. Posters increase in size

Anomalies on the Right Side:

Spot anomalies found on the right side of the hallway:

  1. 2 doors instead of 3
  2. Mold from the Vents
  3. Someone looking out the door
  4. Knocking on the door
  5. Door handle in the middle of the door
  6. No Smoking Posters all over the wall

Encounter Anomalies:

Face anomalies during encounters:

  1. Flood
  2. 2 Men in the hallway
  3. Invisible man runs towards you
  4. Fake Stairs


Mastering the anomalies is crucial for a successful escape in The Exit 8 APK Download. Use this guide to navigate the eerie subway hallway, uncovering each anomaly to achieve the ‘Residents of Underground Passage’ status. Whether escaping or seeking anomalies for achievements, this guide is your key to overcoming the psychological horrors that await. Good luck on your journey through the enigmatic world of The Exit 8 for Android.