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Jump into the action-packed world of Truck & Logistics Simulator APK

Where loading goods becomes an immersive experience set in a vast open world with multiplayer capabilities for up to 24 players. Team up with friends and assemble impressive heavy convoys, taking control of over 30 diverse vehicles to tackle intricate loading tasks and deliver a variety of goods.

Load Pallets, Containers, Vehicles, and More!

Every mission brings a unique gameplay experience and a range of challenges. Kickstart your business by loading pallets into vans using forklifts. Expand your offerings by handling the loading of heavy containers onto trailers with telescopic lifts. Maneuver through tasks involving cars, forklifts, mini-loaders, wheel loaders, and other vehicles, loading them onto trailers. Hundreds of unique and demanding missions and deliveries await!

Drive Cars, Vans, Trucks, and More!

Drive and customize your fleet! With over 30 different vehicles at your disposal, including minivans and massive trucks, each meticulously crafted with realistic interiors and driving physics. Vehicles can incur damage, affecting axle alignment and steering. Refuel and repair them at service points to get back on the road. Personalize your vehicles to match your preferences. Adhere to traffic rules to avoid fines from random police checks or speed cameras. Take on challenging missions to put your driving skills to the test.

Deliver Goods in an Open World with 24-Player Gameplay!

Experience top-notch logistics gameplay by collaborating with other players in multiplayer mode. Lead convoys, earn rewards, and grow businesses together with friends. Safeguard fellow players during escort missions using specialized convoy equipment. Explore a vast open world spanning 28 km², traversing diverse regions from bustling cities to serene rural landscapes. Uncover secrets as you explore the map. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure in an open world where delivery assignments are abundant!


  • Over 30 unique vehicles with realistic interiors.
  • Massive open world covering 28 km² (no invisible walls!).
  • Cross-platform multiplayer mode accommodating up to 24 players.
  • Cooperative multiplayer missions involving convoy escorts.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • Hundreds of diverse and challenging missions.
  • Realistic driving physics and vehicle damage mechanics.
  • Vehicle customization.

Start your own company and commence deliveries today! Join our community for wide roads and strong bonds!