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Gangs of Sherwood APK – Alternative Robin Hood World

Step into the thrilling world of Gangs of Sherwood APK, a game set in an alternative Robin Hood universe. Empowered by the philosophical stones, the armies of Sheriff Nottingham are stronger than ever, and the people of England have never suffered such oppression.

Lead the Rebellion

Take on the roles of Robin, Marian, Brother Tuck, or Little John — four heroes, each with a unique and customizable fighting style. Engage in battles to seize riches from the wealthy and liberate the people from tyranny. From Sherwood Forest to the sheriff’s flying fortress, face demanding adversaries. Combine the combat styles of different heroes to thwart the tyrant’s plans and battle enhanced soldiers, powerful war machines, and formidable bosses.

Take from the Rich, Give to the Poor… and Yourself!

Rescue the innocent and enhance your reputation to unlock new upgrades and more destructive combinations. Spend your hard-earned gold at merchants to upgrade equipment and personalize skills to match your fighting style.

4-Player Cooperative Mode

Execute increasingly impressive combinations and collaborate with other team members to operate even more effectively. Gather with friends in your hideout, where you can strategize before embarking on a mission and then bring that strategy to life on the battlefield.

Embark on this action-packed adventure, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, all while battling the oppressive forces of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Gangs of Sherwood APK offers a unique twist on the Robin Hood legend, providing players with a dynamic and engaging cooperative gaming experience.