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A Desperate Journey Through the Harsh Realities of War

Embark on a harrowing mission in Last Train Home APK where you play a crucial role in helping Czechoslovak soldiers return home through war-ravaged wastelands. Armed with an armored train, your journey is fraught with dangers as your unit finds itself in the midst of the Russian Civil War, caught between the Whites and the Reds. Ensure your forces maintain their combat effectiveness, manage limited resources, and strive to uphold high morale at any cost. Traverse the grim and inhospitable landscapes of Siberia, where you must confront piercing cold and a merciless environment. Supplies are scarce, and your comrades are weary, but you must press forward.

During your travels through a conflict-ridden country, war nightmares surround you from all sides. Engage in real-time battles that will determine the outcome of your mission. The fate of the legion rests on the actions of a few key soldiers, so carefully choose tactics and utilize all available skills to protect your subordinates and accomplish missions. With detailed training and development, the units under your leadership will become a battle-hardened force, comprised of comrades ready to face any challenge.

The destiny of your soldiers depends on decisions made during the odyssey. This challenging mission, inspired by the true stories of the Czechoslovak Legion, which successfully returned to the newly formed republic after the Great War, will test your courage and will to survive. In “Last Train Home,” everything is in your hands.

Choose Your Battles

Send your unit on various missions in real-time gameplay. The key to victory lies in specialized combat skills, strategic planning, and flawless tactics.

Equip Your Soldiers in Last Train Home APK

Develop your subordinates, unlock new skills, and collect better equipment. Discover their stories, commend them, and help them climb the military hierarchy.

Manage the Crew

Lead soldiers as they perform non-combat tasks on the train. Create items, treat the wounded, and boost morale during the challenging journey home.

Upgrade the Train

Enhance train wagons and the locomotive to unleash the full potential of the armored train. Supervise critical repairs without which the journey cannot continue.

Traverse Siberia

Collect and trade supplies, gain new allies, and deal with successive crises in the vast, snow-covered landscapes of Siberia, where a brutal civil war is underway.

Last Train Home APK – Based on Historical Events

The compelling narrative of Last Train Home APK presents the experiences of the members of the Czechoslovak Legion and their brave struggle on the side of the Entente during World War I.

Embark on this gripping journey of survival, strategy, and historical significance in Last Train Home for ANDROID,” where every decision shapes the fate of your comrades and the success of your mission.