Monkey King Idle

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Dec 7, 2023
Jan 31, 2024
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Embark on a thrilling and fantastical adventure with WuKong(Son Goku) from the legendary oriental fantasy classic “Journey to the West”
Explore through the Heaven, the Under Water Palace, and Hell, defeat numerous monsters, and collect various items!

Now, are you ready to begin the journey to elevate the World's Number One Troublemaker, WuKong(Son Goku), into The Great Sage Heaven's Equal?"

▶ Lightning-fast growth speed
Shattering through level 100 and level 1000 in the blink of an eye!
Even when I'm not logged into the game, my character is constantly leveling up 24/7!

▶ Automatic battle system
Very straightforward automatic battle system! 3 minutes is all it takes even for beginners to adapt.
Just some simple controls enables easy limitless growth.

▶ Dazzling and powerful skills
Flashy skills that wipe out a screen full of enemies with a single blow!
Your unique skills combination is the key to unlocking unparalleled power!

▶ Vast contents and rewards
Conquer thousands of main stages and dungeons, and receive tremendous amounts of rewards!
The contents for character growth will continue to be updated. Stay tuned for updates!

▶ Mythic colossal bosses from the legendary oriental classic
Meet classical Gods such as Bull Demon King, Dragon King, King Yama, and Jade Emperor as bosses!
Defeat these powerful and gigantic bosses to experience the thrill of explosive growth.

▶ Transform WuKong(Son Goku) into various forms with our transformation system!
Customize your character, weapons, and nimbus to your liking.
Grow into a more powerful character based on your costumes!

What's new

Game optimization and stabilization