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What drives a person to become a drug dealer, and how does one ascend from a small-time peddler to a notorious drug lord? Explore the answers to these questions in Drug Dealer Simulator 2 APK (DDS2), a first-person co-op simulation game set in a dynamic open world. In this article, we’ll delve into the immersive experience that awaits players as they navigate the dangerous world of Isla Sombra, where power is the only law.

Embark on a Journey

Welcome to the early 2000s! Players assume the role of Eddie, a character whose life choices have led him down the path of outlawry. Seeking refuge in Isla Sombra, a haven for fugitives, Eddie is not content to surrender to a life of anonymity. Instead, he aims to prove his worth, leverage his talents, and reclaim his life – and perhaps make a fortune along the way.

Starting as an unknown entity on a hostile island with no resources or connections, players must work their way up the criminal ladder, gaining respect and fortune. Establish hideouts, produce drugs, and venture into the streets to sell your illicit products. Connect with clients and suppliers, expanding your operation to other villages and towns. But beware – the larger players in the drug trade don’t take kindly to newcomers stirring their waters.

Explore a Vast Open World

DDS2 APK boasts an open world significantly larger than its predecessor, Ghetto from Drug Dealer Simulator. Players can explore a variety of towns and villages, each teeming with life. Unlock numerous quick travel options, go inside different types of buildings, and experience dynamic weather conditions, including tropical elements.

Collaborate or Compete

In Drug Dealer Simulator 2 APK, players can’t run their empires alone. As wealth accumulates, hire individuals to take over some of the daily operations. Assign ranks in the gang’s hierarchy, delegate specific tasks, and witness the growth of your operation. Collaborate with friends in cooperative mode, working together to conquer the challenges of the drug trade.

From Street Dealer to Mastermind

Witness the full spectrum of a drug dealer’s career in DDS2 APK, from a humble street corner peddler to a cigar-smoking mastermind. In a world where alliances are fleeting and friendships are rare, players must navigate the treacherous waters of crooked cops, hostile gangs, and the local militia. Whether avoiding, bribing, or running away, players must find a way to survive.

Features that Set Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Mobile Apart

DDS2 Mobile introduces numerous improvements and new ways to acquire, process, and distribute narcotics. Engage in singleplayer or co-op mode as you explore expansive and varied environments, from small villages to bustling towns. Encounter improved A.I., affecting both NPCs and enemies, with militia raids that can disrupt villages and harass townsfolk. Navigate a unique economy with two currencies – the local one and the coveted U.S. dollar. Immerse yourself in early 2000s technology and the atmosphere of a Caribbean dictatorship, encountering colorful characters with their own ambitions and agendas.


Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Mobile offers players a thrilling and immersive experience as they rise through the ranks of the drug trade on Isla Sombra. With its expansive open world, cooperative gameplay, and attention to detail in simulating the challenges of the illicit industry, DDS2 for Android promises to captivate players seeking a unique and gripping simulation experience. Will you succumb to the temptations of power, or will you crumble under the pressure of rival drug lords and law enforcement? The choice is yours in the world of DDS2 Android.