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Feb 19, 2020
Oct 13, 2023
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Death School APK is an anime style interactive novel game. It looks cute and innocent, but in fact, Death School’s bishoujo-style story will take you to many unexpected twists and turns.

About Death School APK

An anime-style horror interactive novel with a deep story and beautiful characters!

The story

You are an ordinary high school boy, every day passes smoothly and is quite similar, nothing is too happy, too sad or too special. You are like any other male student. Every day you go to school, study, take exams, play sports, hang out with friends, eat, drink tea, play games… You don’t care about your life and one day you will take a completely unexpected new path.

One day, your class has a new student, a beautiful and intelligent girl who seems very mysterious. Things started to get weirder after the appearance of this cryptic friend. She actively approaches you and reveals to you a piece of information: there is an evil entity stalking this school.

Not only you, but anyone who hears the whisper of this new female friend in this class thinks that the girl is having problems, probably the sequelae of a mental illness, excessive anxiety or wild speculation.

But the truth, just as the girl said.

One day, class is over, you’re about to go home and suddenly discover something too scary. You find yourself trapped in the school under the influence of a mysterious force.

What’s even weirder, luckily for you, you’re not alone. In this suddenly too deserted school, there are 3 more people: your childhood friend next door, the girl who heads the literature club you’re joining and… that new transfer student. So including you, there are currently 4 people stuck in the school.

Experiencing many consecutive events, you discover another horrifying truth: the mysterious force that is blocking this school is actually wanting you to die…

Will you be brave and smart enough to avoid the deadly traps and find a way to escape the curse from an evil resentful ghost? Three girls are trapped here with friends who they really are, why are they here and what role do they play in the ghost’s plot. Are they trustworthy or are they just part of a ghost? Who can you go with or choosing the wrong person could lead you and the rest to a tragic end in this haunted school?

All is in your hands. The ending of the story lies in all the choices, no matter how small or big, but all lead to a different ending direction from you.

Horror interactive novel hidden behind a cute anime visual game

In Death School APK, you will have to constantly exercise your mind, using your emotions, reason and mind to make many difficult decisions again and again. Most of the decisions in the game leave you with intense hesitation, as a wrong decision can lead to undesirable outcomes for the character and the people involved.

Your goal in this interactive text novel game is to avoid falling into deadly traps and find a way to get yourself and 3 cute girlfriends out of this bizarre cursed school as safe as possible.

But that’s not easy.

Unique character cast

The story of Death School APK revolves around 3 mysterious girls.

The first is REI, your childhood friend. Rei has a natural leadership personality and can handle any situation on his own. But because of that, Rei has a tendency to make herself miserable because she often carries other people’s burdens.

The next character is Meiko. This new transfer girl has a supernatural connection and is the only one aware of the evil forces that are besieging the school. She is very beautiful, but also extremely eccentric, as a result Meiko is always a good but lonely person.

The third important girl in the story is Natsume. This is the president of the literary club you are in at school. She is famous and has many strange life ideas. She is self-confident to the point of authoritarianism and is also a person who keeps many secrets in her heart.

MOD APK version of Death School

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choices

Download Death School APK & MOD for Android

Discover each girl’s story, find yourself a true heart fluttering feeling as they go through many different challenges while stuck in the same haunted school. Death School is not only a place for you to listen to and play a story, but also a way to help you understand your future dream girlfriend.

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