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If you’ve ever dreamed of leading a team of specialists through the captivating Stargate SG-1 universe, your time has come! Stargate Timekeepers APK is the real-time tactics game that puts you in command, weaving an original narrative set in the beloved SG-1 universe. Let’s explore the depths of this thrilling adventure together.

Departure from Season 7 – A Fresh Narrative Unfolds

Stargate: Timekeepers Android kicks off at the end of season 7 of the Stargate SG-1 main plot but takes a daring leap into uncharted territory. Brace yourself for 14 narrative-rich missions that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Your journey commences during the Battle of Antarctica, where Commander Eva McCain and her team find themselves supporting SG-1 against Anubis’s menacing fleet.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. As the story progresses, Eva and her team embark on a new mission within the Stargate universe. Prepare to aid the Jaffa Resistance, thwart brutal rituals, launch strikes against Moloc’s army, and form alliances with the Unas. The stakes are high, and the fate of the universe rests on your strategic prowess.

Lead a Team of Specialists – Unleash Unique Skills

In Stargate Timekeepers APK you’re not just a player; you’re a commander leading a team of specialists into the heart of the action. Operating behind enemy lines, your mission is clear: craft perfectly synchronized plans to overcome formidable foes like Kull Warriors, Jaffa Generals, Moloc’s Officers, and a slew of new and original enemies.

Meet your squad:

  • Eva McCain: A natural leader and seasoned soldier, master of automatic rifles, and adept at spotting weak points.
  • Max Bolton: Extremely agile and an expert sniper, hiding in a ghillie suit to take down enemies from a distance.
  • Sam Watson: A trained spy and technical officer, an expert in alien gadgetry.
  • Derreck Harper: His drones handle tough tasks, from healing allies to deactivating hostile electronic devices.

But that’s not all – along the way, you’ll forge alliances with A’ta, a sneaky Jaffa rebel armed with a Ma’tok staff, and Xugga, a powerful yet good-natured Unas veteran, along with his little friend.

Stargate Timekeepers APK- Play Smart, Eliminate Silently

Each team member boasts a set of unique abilities, and success lies in your ability to combine them strategically. Navigate the challenges with Tactical Mode, synchronizing your characters’ actions flawlessly to outsmart and eliminate enemies in quick succession.

Stargate Timekeepers APK isn’t just a game; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of the Stargate SG-1 universe. Are you ready to dive in, unravel a timeloop mystery, and defeat the Goa’uld threat? The adventure awaits, commander!